Exploring Pyrons Online Slot

By | November 4, 2020

Online Pyrons Slot from Developers Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil Gaming are a rather big name online slot game developer and have been known for creating a fair few unique and rather creative online slot games. This Pyrons slot at Lucky Nugget casino Canada is no different in this regard, with its theme being a radical futuristic approach to the classic land based slot machines. In this regard players will find the usual slot classic culprits like fruits and 7’s but with an interesting twist, which brings the classic dramatically into the present in quite refreshing way. The graphics of this oddly named slot are pretty good and capable of contending with most other quality slots of late and much clearer than things on on at a blackjack table.

Being based fundamentally on the classic slot game style this Pyrons slot carries a rather simple slot setup, especially when compared to the standard for video slots of today. This Yggdrasil slot has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, the new classic for online video slots, and a decent betting range, if on the slightly lower end of the scale. The layout on the whole is nice and simple, and so too the bonuses of this slot, with only an exploding symbol feature that happens throughout gameplay. This bonus does carry some weight however and with the minimalistic presentation of the slot the lesser bonuses are germane and make this game likely appeal more to the diehard slot players in it for the basics.

Exploring the Updated Theme of this Slot

As mentioned above, the theme of this game is based on the classic style of the old land based fruit machines. This style is seen throughout this Pyrons slot game, in its theme, symbols, gameplay and even features, which definitely shows a certain dedication from the developers of the slot, Yggdrasil. Breaking the appearance down into aspects, the graphics are above average, whilst the backdrop to the reels is a simple purple coloured wallpaper, avoiding detracting any attention away from the reels. The sound effects too are of a classical nature, making most of its efforts toward the events occurring on the reels, particularly around winning spins.

It is the symbols however that really make this slot game come together. In Pyrons slot players will find various fruit, like oranges, plums, cherries, lemons and even the famous 7 symbols. These symbols all appear in perfectly round bubbles, as if stuck in stasis, or as collectibles in a game. Overall the presence of the symbols on the reels, perhaps because of the simplicity of the rest of the features, is definitely noticeable.

Pyrons Slot Classical Lack of Bonus Features

Sticking true to its theme and game style this Pyrons slot game from Yggdrasil has only one identifiable bonus feature and it triggers every time players hit a winning combination. When this happens the symbols involved in the win explode in glorious technicolour and disappear from the reels, being replaced by new symbols. This keeps happening until no new winning combinations are formed. On top of this, for each subsequent win in a row from this feature a multiplier is added and then increased, in the order 2, 3, 5 and finally 20 times, allowing for some substantial wins at any moment.

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