Choose Casino Real Money Gaming with Our Guide

By | November 14, 2019

For many gaming fans in the Philippines, playing in a land-based casino for real money has its pros and cons. Casino gambling has been freely available to Filipinos since the floating Manila Bay Casino was opened in 1977, and the capital is now home to 20 casinos. Which is great for citizens within easy reach of Manila, but not necessarily for Filipino gambling fans scattered through the rest of the republic’s islands and towns.

The Internet provides a solution ready to hand, of course. It’s simple to wager in a casino for real money when Philippine gaming enthusiasts visit an online casino. There are no laws prohibiting online gambling in the Philippines, as long as casino fans play at sites based and licensed in foreign locations. There are plenty of suitable sites online that allow Philippine players access to the casino for real-money play on all their favourite games.

All Sorts of Games on Offer

Just as they are in land-based casinos, slots are by far the most popular type of casino game found at online sites. Those who like to play pokies for real money can do so even more easily online, as they never have to wait for their favourite machines to be free, and the slots floor is never too crowded.

But other casino games are not neglected online either. Perennial classics like roulette, poker, blackjack and craps are available at digital tables, often in a plethora of different variations. Video poker & real money slots enthusiasts will find plenty of titles to play at an online casino, including multi-hand versions that feature up to 100 hands simultaneously. Bingo and keno is also popular, and a search will reveal even exotic casino games like Red Dog or Pai Gow Poker.

Covering the Full Casino Experience Comfortably

When playing in a land-based casino for real money, part of the adventure is the casino atmosphere. The most popular online casinos do a good job of replicating this experience, with card tables, slot machines, roulette wheels and dice that look just like they do in real life. Sound effects and live chat online between players help generate the social ambience found in land-based operations; some sites even have live dealers and croupiers, too.

Philippine casino fans will also want a thoroughly user-friendly experience when they pick an online casino for real-money wagering. This means a site available in English or Spanish, offering suitable currency and banking options, and of course, licensed in a jurisdiction that allows play from the Philippines. This precaution actually protects players, as the laws of the licensing jurisdiction apply in the event of any legal disputes, so players must have legitimate access to the site in the first place.

Bonuses Unique to Online Casinos

Another reason Philippine casino aficionados may prefer online sites to land-based operations, is the frequent bonuses they offer. All the top-rated online casino sites offer free play or deposit matches as a welcome bonus, and regular players also receive frequent incentives when they play at the casino for real money. These could be free spins on slots or pokies, or extra money to wager on specific games.