Pull the Lever to Spin Those Slots

Playing slot games in the old days was an experience. The bulky machines sat in rows upon rows in enormous halls, with blinking lights and chattering sounds trying to draw attention. Coins cascaded into metal buckets, making enough of a racket that everyone within earshot knew who was raking in the big bucks. Many real… Read More »

Sports Betting Tips for Visa

When it comes to placing bets on sports games there are a few factors that play more of a role than others. One such factor that comes to both the punters and sportsbooks’ minds is that of the deposit and withdrawal methods involved. Perhaps the fastest and easiest of these methods is that of the… Read More »

US Open

Some Tennis Betting with US Open Major Tennis is definitely one of the most historic modern sports played today, with a good number of their main major tournaments dating back as far as almost 150 years. This means quite a few things for the different industries linked to this game, like that of the betting… Read More »

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Underwater Battles with Massive Jackpots!

Silent Run is a video slots game that has been designed and developed by premier software manufacturers Net Entertainment. The company is also well-known by its simple abbreviation of NetEnt, and is known for its seamless game flow and high-quality graphics.

Get Some of That Magic Love in Jackpots

Magic Love is a classic slot style developed by Net Entertainment. Fundamentally based on traditional classic three reel slots, Magic Love features three reels, three rows and eight paylines as opposed to a more characteristic one single line, found in old school slots.

Get All 8 Lucky in Line for Big Winnings

Lucky 8 Line slot developed by Net Entertainment is a three reels and three-row classic slot title featuring eight paylines. This simple-minded retro style gaming is reminiscent of traditional fruit machines. The title is a basic slot, with little to no features and a basic gaming style. The simplicity is the calling card in Lucky… Read More »


The Philosophy of Cricket The sport of cricket is a complex and comprehensive code. The game is deeply popular in many parts of the world, generating its very own terminology and jargon. The game of cricket even has its own philosophy and etiquette, and is often treated as representative of life itself in certain areas.… Read More »

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British Open

Sports Betting On The British Open The British Open, known simply in the UK as the Open Championship, is one of the oldest golfing events, having first started in 1860 in Scotland. The British Open is very popular amongst online sports bettors due to the quality of the golfers that are competing and the high… Read More »

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